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What’s your Pizza paddle ?

What’s your Pizza paddle ?

As a kid in 1988, I clearly remember my Dad’s 40th  Birthday party and thinking “wow, he’s old”… Well, I blinked and found myself at my own 40th do a few years ago.

Knowing the love of my heritage and tradition, one of the many wonderful gifts I received, was a Pizza paddle from one of my (many) Cousins. I had a small problem though. I didn’t have a Pizza oven.

It took me a few years, but I eventually decided to start building my own wood fired oven. First though, I needed a shed. And the shed had to be big… I couldn’t leave it as a bare shed though, it needed to be plastered inside, with power, lights, and running hot and cold water…

Needless to say, project creep set in, and what started off as me building a small wood fired oven, turned out to be eight months of weekend work. Blood, sweat and tears in the hot and cold weather, with complaining kids, and a blown-out budget later it is all done.

What kept me going  to get the whole project completed, was the drive to use the shed and the oven as a focal point for family to get together and share quality time. The Pizza paddle was the catalyst to finally put into action what I’d been thinking about for years.

Whatever it is for you, find your own “Pizza paddle” to spark your passion in either your personal or work life. Once you’ve found it, it will give meaning and provide the drive you need to get the job done with gusto !

Buon appetito.