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? Something's Not Working

Your Business Technology not working for you ?

Give us a call to see how our range of pro-active Managed Service approach can resolve your current issues, and prevent them for happening again.

Somthings not working
? Help me solve a business problem

Realise your Business’ objectives.

We’re different. Our “Seat at the Table” style of being part of your business, gives us the edge in delivering value to your organisation.

Help me solve a business problem
? Get some advice

Unsure about Technology?

There are so many components to Technology systems in all operations. We can advise you on the best option for your Business.

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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

At the core of Maxsum’s services is our Business Technology Review. Here we research and collaborate to understand your business and what is taking place from a technology standpoint. In line with your business objectives and goals, we recommend ways to reach those objectives using appropriate technology.

We also undertake one off or ongoing consulting projects to help clients reach a single goal, such as implementing a new hardware solution or performing a software integration.

If you are not yet ready to have Maxsum around your table, we’re happy to take on a project on a consulting basis so you can experience how we work.