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Data Management

Mobile Device Management: Keeping your data on the downlow

Getting something to “go viral” is undoubtedly the holy grail of social media success! Maximum reach and hopefully maximum impact. Our devices and digital platforms are intuitively designed to help us share, post, communicate and collaborate without limit, but while that maybe be great for your most recent dancing cat...
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Hyperconverged Infrastructure and the Modern Workplace

One of the hottest business technology topics around at the moment is this concept of “the Modern Workplace”. At first pass you might think this is all about decking out your offices with schmick finishes and the latest tech, but the Modern Workplace concept is really about the changing focus...
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Is your password a problem?

Every day, more and more, password compromises and breaches are, at best, blocking productivity and people’s ability to get their jobs done, and at worst, threatening the very existence of businesses, their financial viability, and by extension the job security of their employees....
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GDPR – What’s with all the emails?

Over the last week you will have noticed a constant stream of emails into your inbox drawing your attention to new privacy policy roll-outs, or asking you to re “opt-in” to services. That’s because on May 25, 2018 the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force. Whilst these...
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Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme – Response Planning 101

February 22, 2018 was a big day in Australia’s data compliance history. Although it probably wasn’t marked on your calendar – it certainly was on ours, because it means all new things for very broad swathe of Australia’s business community. ...
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Start Small with Big Data to Deliver Better Customer Experience

Want to provide a better customer experience? Then start by getting your data ducks in a row! A staggering 73% of business leaders say that delivering a relevant and reliable customer experience is critical to their company’s overall business performance. 93% agreeing that this will definitely be the case within the...
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Full Steam Ahead – Building A Data-Powered Business 

Data and analytics is the steam train of what’s being called The 4th Industrial Revolution – the Digital Revolution. And it’s shaping up fast to be an anybody-in-the-road-gets-knocked-over scenario. Why the urgency? Well aside from the fact that there’s a train bearing down on your business and you’re tied to the tracks, your competition is already in the driver's seat and they’re coming for you! The data...
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How Big Data is firing the analytics revolution

Your data as a premium asset: Making the most of what you've got! The bigger the better, right? That's certainly true of the homes we build, Christmas pressies under the tree, and profit figures on our balance sheets. But is Big Data good data? It's not enough just have access to all this data; we need the know-how to capture and...
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