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Towards 2020 Forging Our Digital Future Whitepaper

Forging Our Digital Future

Welcome to our Towards 2020 Maxsum Whitepaper

Our  business technology whitepaper Towards 2020 Forging Our Digital Future has been prepared in response to the Australian Government’s invitation to provide feedback on the government paper The Digital Economy: Opening Up the Conversation.

Maxsum took up the call the be part of the broader conversation about how we as a nation can better Enable Opportunity & Realise Potential, and position Australian businesses as digital leaders.

In Maxsum’s Towards 2020 Forging Our Digital Future paper we have leveraged our unique position as a regional Australian headquartered organisation that also supports a strong metro presence to identify and dissect the common challenges Australian small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are facing in the pursuit of digital transformation and revitalisation.

From this unique perspective, and backed by nearly two decades of experience in supporting the practical and strategic business technology needs of a diverse range of Australian businesses, we set out what we see as the roadblocks for digital advancement in the SME sector and the ways we envisage Australia’s growing digital economy could be better enabled.

Forging Our Digital Future gives you, the business owner or manager, an insight into what Maxsum sees as changing and propelling today’s digital technology revolution and how these changes can and will affect your business in the future.

Download Towards 2020 Forging Our Digital Future today to discover:

  • How advances in digital technology are changing the way we work, our industry and our business community.
  • Maxsum’s vision for an Australia that thrives in the digital economy.
  • Where we would like to see Australian SME’s positioned in 5, 10 and 20 years’ time.
  • Key technologies SMEs need to have on their radar over the next 5, 10 and 20 years.
  • Emerging disruptive technologies and business models.
  • The role of government partnership in supporting SMEs, NFPs, and up and coming digital talent.
  • The barriers to effective cybersecurity in SMEs.
  • The data, platforms, protocols and standards that Australia should be leveraging to maximise our digital opportunities.

We took up the challenge to be part of the digital conversation. And now we’d love you to be part of it too! Maxsum invites your feedback and comments.

Please contact us (Email to:[email protected]) to discuss any part of this submission or if you are interested in being involved in case studies for further reports.

To get your copy of  Towards 2020 Forging Our Digital Future, Download Here.

You can also access Maxsum Consulting’s submission along with other submissions made to the consultation process at the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science’s Digital Economy Consultation Hub.