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A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table

We are often asked what drives Maxsum’s successful partnerships with our clients. It’s a seat at the table. What we mean by that is becoming an integral part of your team. We bring our technology skills to the table, and collaborate with your other specialists like we were a 24/7 part of your team. Which we are. But without a CIO’s six-figure salary!

While we have a burning desire to help our clients, we don’t want you to be on the burning platform. With a seat at the table, we can help you be proactive, and avoid the stress and cost that comes from adopting a reactive position in relation to your business technology needs. As part of your team we contribute to your strategy from the outset, driving your journey to business growth. We provide the service and knowledge that most medium sized businesses couldn’t afford to hire and don’t have the time to manage or fully utilise.

The way it works best …

  • We partner with clients who align with the way we work best
  • Clients who work in a strategic way benefit from our approach
  • We can help businesses looking to grow who need trusted collaborators to get there.

You’ll reap the rewards of …

  • A strategic approach.
  • Years of business experience in a technology context
  • Access to high level expertise you’d never consider hiring
  • Multi-industry skills and experience
  • Flexible capacity in resourcing
  • A wide and deep pool of talent in the Maxsum team