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Our Guarantee!

Have you ever had a conversation with a Managed Services Provider and all they talk about is SLAs, response times and uptime?


Don’t get us wrong – these are all important! But there’s much more to providing effective managed services, or at least we believe there is!

Understanding service level commitments and response times is critical to giving you the peace of mind that your business continuity is in hand! But just as important for your organisation is understanding exactly how your IT is managed, monitored and can be leveraged most effectively, AND bringing your whole business along that journey.

Ensuring that SLAs and response times are met is expected – clients expect that level of service and we expect our team to deliver it – without fail. Yet, relying on these metrics alone may keep you up and running, but they are not going to drive your technology use FORWARD.

What we know for sure at Maxsum is that the way people adopt, use and benefit from technology is going through a serious moment of transition right now, especially with the large-scale move to remote working.

Technology tools and products are becoming more mobile, more flexible, more intuitive and accessible every day. So if you’re a business or organisation looking to grow and innovate using technology, you need more than a commitment to service levels and response times – you need a commitment to deliver a proven process that guarantees not only technical support outcomes, but also meets your change management objectives, and that sets you on a path to transitioning from using technology to SUPPORT your business to using technology to GROW your business.

The MaxGuard Proven Process


We know that changing Managed Service Providers is a big deal. The idea of having to get up to speed on how a new provider does things is not something you or your team have time to deal with.

Our MaxGuard Service Transition & Onboarding Proven Process is designed to take the pain out of this process.

In its simplest form, our Proven Process is best described as a series of high-level milestones and touch points we work through in a planned and systemised way to ensure that:

  • all your service transition needs are scoped, addressed and implemented prior to commencement of support services
  • you are fully informed of your service transition status at all times AND
  • you have structured and informative ways to communicate to your entire team what is happening in order to bring them along for the journey
  • your team is able to get up-to-speed fast and is ready to use your technology and systems more productively from the outset.

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The MaxGuard 90DG Promise Explained

We are confident that our proven process works and that your organisation will grow and prosper by taking a comprehensive and strategic approach to your business technology.

We’re so sure that you will see that value in what we do that if after 90 days post-service transition & onboarding, you are not completely satisfied with the level of service you are receiving as a MaxGuard Plus Managed IT Services client, we will refund your onboarding project costs and waive any off-boarding costs by removing our management and monitoring tools free of charge.

What does that mean for your organisation?

  • A great introduction to Managed IT Services with a strategic business technology partner that is backed by a proven process and a guarantee!
  • No risk! So why not start the move to something better today!

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As an Industry leader in providing Managed IT Services, Maxsum Consulting is well positioned to provide professional and reliable support for your Business Technology Systems, with the utmost focus on technical competence and the highest level of customer service.

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