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Full Steam Ahead – Building A Data-Powered Business 

Jul 11, 2017

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Data and analytics is the steam train of what’s being called The 4th Industrial Revolution – the Digital Revolution. And it’s shaping up fast to be an anybody-in-the-road-gets-knocked-over scenario.

Why the urgency? Well aside from the fact that there’s a train bearing down on your business and you’re tied to the tracks, your competition is already in the driver’s seat and they’re coming for you!

The data that sits in your business is more than your accounts and contacts records. So much more – it’s about the way your processes operate, how your customers interact with you and your business along their sales journeys and beyond, and any number of other measures specific to your business.

But that train driver – they’ve already worked out how to get their train to run on data. What’s more they’ve got plenty of partners in the second and third class carriages taking their cues from the driver, ready and primed to jump straight into the driver’s seat.

And you – you’re stuck on those tracks with no plan!

So what are they doing that you’re not? 

They have a strategy in place that is built around generating, managing, accessing, manipulating and executing on data and analytics to drive that train straight through to where they want to be.

They’re using their data to:

  1. Improve decision making
  2. Better understand their customers
  3. Deliver new services
  4. Improve operations
  5. Monetise their existing and new data for new revenue streams.

You need to get off those tracks and find the information, partnerships and strategies you need to get your business in the driver’s seat .