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Business Technology Consulting

We provide IT Consulting services that focus on strategic business goals.

Business Technology Consulting Services

At Maxsum, we’re all about taking a strategic approach to business technology. That’s why a consulting-led, seat-at-the-table approach to business technology is at the core of our service offerings.

Maxsum Consulting will help elevate your strategic thinking around business technology and ensure your technology investments drive genuine business outcomes.

We provide IT consulting services to businesses from our Melbourne and Bendigo offices.

Our IT Consulting engagements are designed to:

  • Ensure business technology has a “seat at the table”
  • Align your IT strategy with your broader business goals
  • Arm your business with a strategic business technology roadmap for your digital future
  • Give you direct access to the latest developments and strategic thinking in business technology today

Schedule a one-on-one

No cost. No obligation. No sales pitch. Just a conversation with one of our business technology consultants about where you want to take your business.

Business Technology Consulting Services

Maxsum Consulting Consulting

Business Technology Review

The Maxsum Business Technology Review (BTR) offers a comprehensive assessment of your current business technology governance, implemenation and use, and maps out an overall business technology strategy to get you where you want to go.

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Maxsum Consulting vCIO

Virtual Chief Information Officer

Many organisations do not have the resources to have a permanent CIO on staff. Let Maxsum fill that gap around your decision-making table to ensure business technology is integral to your whole-of-business business governance and planning.

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Maxsum Consulting Professional Services

Project Consulting

Got a specific project or goal you want to achieve? Maxsum provides both one-off and ongoing consulting engagements for specific projects, such as implementing a new hardware solution or performing a software integration.

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Ensure business technology has a seat at the table

“We just seem to be putting out fires, I think we need to be more strategic and intentional…”

It’s a common story and all too often the result of businesses taking a reactive approach to business technology needs. With a seat at your decision making table, Maxsum can help you transition to taking a proactive approach to making intentional decisions about how to leverage business technology to achieve strategic business outcomes. Through our seat-at-the-table approach, we contribute to your business technology strategy from the outset, driving your journey to business growth.

Business Technology Consulting ensures business technology has a seat at the table
Business Technology Consulting to help align IT strategy with business goals

Align your IT strategy with your broader business goals

“I need someone who understands business issues, not just technology!”

Ever heard the saying “IT is no longer an industry, it’s the foundation of every industry”? The right business technology solution is not about getting a “quick win” using the latest and shiniest new option. It’s about building a strategic, scalable and agile platform that is purposely designed to leverage technology to achieve better business outcomes and performance. But sometimes the technology and business planning arms of your business just don’t speak the same language! Maxsum’s brings to the table years of business experience, multi-industry skills and enterprise-grade consulting experience, backed by a team of exceptional technical talent. This allows us to navigate the IT-business divide by aligning, balancing and prioritising the right business technology solutions for achieving your broader business goals.

Arm your business with a strategic business technology roadmap for your digital future

“I’d like to grow my business, but I don’t know where to start!”

If you’ve made lots of ad-hoc, reactive changes and upgrades to your technology systems and processes over time, you’re probably starting to feel a bit out of control and have no idea how to take things to the next level. Well you’re not alone! A lack of strategy is THE number one reason that IT, digital transformation and change management projects fail outright. At Maxsum, we love it when a “plan comes together” and we’re all about arming businesses with a working business technology strategy that factors in in your now, your next, as well as your best and worst case scenario needs. If you want to forge a digital future for your business, Maxsum can assist you to map out what you need to implement, when and how to reach your goals, as well as all the metrics and milestones you’ll need along the way to keep your digital-age business on the right track.

Business Technology Consulting helps inform your strategic business technology roadmap
Business Technology Consulting helps elevate strategic thinking in business technology

Get direct access to the latest developments and strategic thinking in business technology today

“I need some new ideas and insights into what other industries are doing to spark things up a bit!”

The pace of technology change is only getting faster and faster. If you don’t have the time or capabilities to keep up with technology changes, much less implement them, then your business is not only lagging, it may even leave you exposed! At Maxsum we work with business and technology experts, leaders and consultants across the industry verticals we serve, as well as our network of top-tier technology partners and vendors to ensure that we can offer our clients the very best knowledge and insights into what’s happening in their sector and beyond. We use these insights to tailor the strategic business technology advice we offer clients and  enable opportunity and realise potential in their businesses on a daily basis.

Joe Ciancio - Maxsum Consulting Managing Director
Joe Ciancio - Managing Director

How we can help?

We provide a consulting-led approach to your businesses IT strategy – making sure you’ve got the right resources in the right places. If you need advice now on how our IT Consulting services can help transform your business, call us today on 1300 MAXSUM or send us a message.

Want to know how taking a more strategic approach to business technology will help your organisation?

Hear what national not-for-profit Haven Home Safe CEO Ken Marchingo had to say about working strategically on their technology plan with Maxsum.

What you need to know about Business Technology Consulting

What is Business Technology Consulting?

In today’s hyper-connected society its likely that your business makes use of technology in many forms in order to deliver your product or services. Business technology consultants will audit and assess the way you currently use information technology and provide specialised advice that relates to  how you could leverage your resources more strategically to achieve longer term, broader business goals. We present this advice in the form a business technology strategy.

Why do I need a business technology strategy?

Small to medium sized businesses and indeed businesses of all sizes looking to innovate and transform their business and survive in the digital economy of the future are in need of a new business model. The majority of businesses today are lacking a comprehensive and coherent business technology strategy that serves as the essential platform to unify the way technology is leveraged across all the arms of the business in achieving its goals. Given that a lack of strategy is cited as the number one reason for digital transformation project failure, businesses can no longer afford to take an ad-hoc approach to business technology.

What are the benefits of working with a business technology consultant?

A business technology consultant will assist your business to transition from taking a reactive approach to business technology planning and implementation toward taking a proactive and intentional approach to leveraging technology to achieve your goals. With a seat at your decision-making table, a business technology consultant will assist you to design and implement your business technology strategy based on:

  • Years of business and consulting experience working across many different businesses and industry verticals
  • Insights into challenges and problems commonly faced by businesses and fresh ideas on how to overcome them.
  • A fresh set of eyes to your business with the capability to objectively examine your business challenges from an outside perspective.
  • A highly strategic focus that allows them to sit apart from  the day-to-day rumblings of your business.
  • Specialised expertise and industry connections that businesses are unlikely to have access to or capacity to maintain as their industry changes so rapidly.

What types of projects do Business Technology Consultants work on?

At Maxsum, we offer three modes of engaging with our business technology consulting expertise.

  1. The Maxsum Business Technology Review (BTR): Entails a comprehensive audit of your current systems and processes and culminates in the formation of a Business Technology Strategy that maps out where your business wants to go and how it can best leverage technology to get there.
  2. Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) Services: Is an ongoing regular engagement where we provide business technology consulting knowledge and expertise around your decision-making table that you might not be able to resource at a C-level yourself full-time.
  3. Project Consulting: Is designed to map out a specific upgrade or implementation project to ensure that it is strategically planned and delivered against a set of determined milestones and metrics.

What’s the difference between Business Technology Consulting and Managed IT Services?

The traditional “you break it, we fix it” model of IT service delivery is simply no longer enough to ensure that businesses can keep pace with technology change in the digital age. Working with a Managed IT Services Provider ensures that your technology and processes are incrementally, proactively and securely maintained and driven forward to keep you ahead of the curve. But not all Managed IT Service providers have the strategic expertise to take a top-down view of your business to ensure you’re headed in the right direction strategically.

The first step on your business’ digital transformation journey must be to leverage the expertise of a business technology consultant to develop a robust and forward-looking digital transformation and business technology strategy for your organisation.

Then the second step is to work with a Managed IT Services provider to implement your strategy and ensure that your desired outcomes are realised.

Finding the right people to form this strategic and operational digital transformation partnership with is critical and hinges on finding partners who align with your business on purpose and culture.

Maxsum is uniquely positioned to be able to provide business technology consulting services and managed services expertise that cover both your strategic and operational technology needs along your digital transformation journey.

Partnerships & Certifications

We partner with the world’s best vendors who provide us with the same level of quality and service that our clients expect of us.

Microsoft Silver Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions
Citrix Partner - Silver Solution Advisor
HP Partner
Sophos Gold Partner
Datto Professional - Global Partner Program
Fujitsu Select Expert

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