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Managed IT Security

The Age of the Active Adversary  

With large-scale cyber incidents now hitting the news almost daily, there is no denying organisation’s are more exposed than ever to more frequent and more sophisticated attacks.

Whilst Managed IT Support provides a baseline level of coverage, it is no longer enough protection to deal with the scale and speed of cyber threats today.

Strategically aligned to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, Proactive Managed IT Security by Maxsum offers you a full end-to-end Managed IT Security solution to Identify, Protect against and Detect vulnerabilities and threats, proactively Respond to contain and neutralise live threats, and assist you to Recover.

By levelling up to Proactive Managed IT Security you’ll be moving from a traditional protect-and-defend stance to a proactive meet-and-defeat approach built on data-driven, human-verified Cyber Threat Detection & Response – 24/7/365. 

Key Benefits:

  • Top-tier centralised IT Security management controls designed to meet-and-defeat adversaries head on.
  • 24/7/365 AI-powered, human verified cyber threat hunting, detection and response across your connected services
  • Ongoing health checks, vulnerability scanning, reporting, and strategic engagement to track and and drive continuous improvement in your cyber security posture, and assist with compliance and reporting requirements.
  • Leverage expert cyber security consulting and advisory services to assist with your Essential Eight, cyber insurance, data breach reporting or other needs.

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Managed Cyber Threat Detection & Response

What is MDR and how does it work?

Managed Cyber Threat Detection and Response (MDR) is the key missing piece of the puzzle for many organisations when it comes to IT Security.

Managed Detection and Response enables automated telemetry collection from your connected assets. This data is continuously analysed for signals indicating potential or live cyber threat activity. If malicious activity is detected, a case is immediately created, the threat verified by human review, and then the threat is proactively contained and neutralised, generally all within a matter of minutes.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Is a vulnerability different from a threat?

Great question! And yes, it is! Whilst a threat is considered suspected or known malicious activity that directly poses a threat to your environment, a vulnerability is essentially a whole or a gap in your security protections that you may not know is there, but leaves you open to attack or exploit.

Vulnerability scanning, to provide an initial assessment of your environment, and ongoing to highlight new gaps that may arise over time, is critical to the continual improvement of your cyber security posture.

After all, prevention is better than a cure!

Threat Hunting

“What’s the difference between threat detection and threat hunting?”

Imagine you’re a detective tasked with finding a missing person. It might be the case that someone or something leaves some clues for you that point you in the right direction – a lead if you will. Or you might be dealing with a cold case, you’re flying lead-less, but using your expertise and experience to methodically search for evidence and clues.

In the same way, threat detection relies on clues offered up by the telemetry collected from your connected services, whilst threat hunting involves a real person, a cyber investigator, with eyes on glass and hands on keyboard, hunting for clues and cross referencing signals to detect what other tools cannot.

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Sure up your cyber coverage

Will this help us with Cyber Insurance?

Insurers and their underwriters today require increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity control measures to be in place as a condition of providing cover. Why? Because naturally it’s in any insurers best interests to ensure their clients have done everything they can to reduce the likelihood that they will experience a major cyber incident and then make a claim on their cyber insurance policy! 

Managed IT Security allows you to tick those boxes Cyber Insurers want ticked off most, and gives you access to more comprehensive forensics and data in the event that you do need to make a claim.

Are you ready to get Proactive?

As the cyber threat landscape continues to change in new and completely unpredictable ways, Managed Cyber Threat Detection and Response delivered under ProActive Managed IT Security by Maxsum is the best assurance available to organisations that want to know that their adversaries are being met and dealt with head on!

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Our IT Security Credentials

Maxsum partners with leading vendors and are accredited to the globally recognised ISO27001 Information Security Management System and ISO9001 Quality Management System Standards