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Tech Tuesdays with Maxsum

Tech Tuesdays with Maxsum

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or the go-to IT person in your organisation, join our Maxsum Service Delivery experts on the last Tuesday of each month to up your game.

These toolbox-style sessions will feature live demos and step you through some of the simplest and easiest technology fixes, tricks and tips to make your work life smoother and easier.

Specifically designed to help our Managed IT Service clients and their team members, these sessions are open to all!

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Microsoft To-Do, Planner, Lists & Tasks by Planner & To-Do!

In this session, we cover:
  • What do all these apps do?
  • How do you access them?
  • How do they all work together?
  • What the best use case for each is to get your To-Dos done!

Your Guide to Microsoft 365 Licensing

In this session, we cover:
  • The most commonly used Business & Enterprise-Grade License levels
  • How licensing works & what’s included
  • When & why you might need to consider uplifting your License level
  • What the 2022 Microsoft price rises and billing model changes mean for you.

Files in Microsoft Teams

In this session, we cover:
  • Where to create, edit and store files via Microsoft Teams
  • The Teams-SharePoint-OneDrive connection
  • How to copy, move and manipulate files via Microsoft Teams
  • How to add file templates to Microsoft Teams and more!

Email Filtering & Quarantine How-tos

In this session, we cover:
  • The purpose of Email filtering & Quarantine tools
  • How to find and release quarantined messages
  • What Smart Banner tell you and how to use them to Allow/Block senders
  • Best practices for reporting suspected Spam messages that do make their way to your inbox!

Microsoft Teams Chat Deep Dive

In this session, we cover:
  • A quick overview of the basics
  • A deep dive into everything you didn’t know you could do in a Teams Chat
  • How and where you can customise Teams Chat to your preferences

How to Use Microsoft Forms

In this session, we cover:
  • How to create Forms
  • How to collect, view and collate responses
  • Other Form customisation features you never knew where built into MS Forms!

Simple IT Mistakes that cause Big Problems

In this session, we cover:
  • Simple IT mistakes that we see end users make everyday.
  • Seemingly harmless errors often lead to bigger security issues and data breaches.
  • How remediating these mistakes ends up incurring tech costs, as well as wasting your valuable time and money.

Previous Tech Tuesday Sessions

On this page we only publish our 3 most recent Tech Tuesdays sessions. Maxsum Managed IT Services clients can access all past session via the Support Resources tab inside the Maxsum IT Support Portal.

Contact us if you would like like more details on any of our previous sessions.

  • Fast Track to Remote Working with Microsoft Teams
  • Fast Track to IT Support Success
  • Password Problems Unpacked
  • File Management Fundamentals
  • IT Change Management 101