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Tech Tuesdays with Maxsum

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or the go-to IT person in your organisation, join our Maxsum Service Delivery experts on the last Tuesday of each month to up your game.

These toolbox-style sessions will feature live demos and step you through some of the simplest and easiest technology fixes, tricks and tips to make your work life smoother and easier.

Specifically designed to help our Managed IT Service clients and their team members, these sessions are open to all!

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Catch up with our recent Tech Tuesday sessions right here.

Microsoft Inspire 2023 Special

In this session, we unpack all the big announcements from Microsoft’s annual Inspire conference:

  • Microsoft Copilot – Microsoft’s answer to ChatGPT: What is it, how will it work?
  • Microsoft Viva – Employee engagement built-in: What modules can I access and what value do they hold
  • Lots of new-release features and tips!

Halt! Who goes there?

In this session, we look at all things access authentication and authorisation.

  • Trusted identities
  • One-time passwords and Password Management
  • Password Encryption & Sharing
  • Single Sign-on (SSO)

How NOT to get lost in Microsoft Teams!

Ever find yourself LOST in Microsoft Teams? In this session, we showcase some top tips for staying on TOP of your work in Teams!

  • Using the Activity Feed as it was intended!
  • Great native automations direct from the message pane
  • Saving, flagging, scheduling & delaying messages
  • Where to find your files if you forget which Team they’re in!

Meet the Active Adversary

In this session, we head inside the mind of the latest breed of cyber attacker, we we look at:

  • The evolution of the threat landscape & attacker profile
  • New tactics and modes of operation
  • How to make sure you have the baseline covered
  • What you need to adapt to new threats
  • New Forms Styles & a Peek at Viva Learning

Want to browse and access ALL our previous Tech Tuesday sessions?

Well, if you’re a Maxsum Managed IT Services client, you have access to our past sessions directly via the Maxsum Support Portal.

Simple head to the Maxsum Support Portal, select Support Resources from the menu, and go to On-Demand Webinars! Happy learning!