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IT Services

Effective management of technology resources and assets is absolutely critical to your business success.

As your strategic business technology partner, Maxsum can provide all the IT strategic planning, advice, solutions, resources and infrastructure you need to power your growth ambitions. With Maxsum’s dedicated, professional business technology resources at your table, you stay in control of your business-critical systems and are on the front foot when it comes to planning your technology future.

Maxsum Consulting Consulting

Business Technology Consulting

Consulting is at the core of our service. Maxsum’s consulting-led approach is designed to ensure that your technology investments consistently deliver strategic business outcomes.

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Max Guard Standard Managed IT Services

Managed IT Support

Let Maxsum take care of the day-to-day responsibility of all your business technology needs. With Maxsum’s Managed IT Services you grow your business, and we’ll deliver the best and most up-to-date support and technology you’ll need to help you do it!

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

Managed IT Security

As fast as technology is changing, the cyberthreat landscape is changing even faster! Managed IT Security provides assurance threats are detected and neutralised across your environment 24/7/365.

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Maxsum Consulting Managed Cloud Services

Cloud Computing

Find out how your business can leverage the cloud to provide unrivalled flexibility, scalability and security. Maxsum fully supports your cloud journey through from planning and migration to leveraging the latest and greatest cloud has to offer.

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Maxsum Consulting Professional Services

Professional Services

Maxsum’s IT project services team bring together extensive enterprise-grade experience in technology project management and delivery. We’ll leverage our expertise and industry partnerships to make sure your next IT project is outcome-driven, on budget and on time!

Maxsum Consulting Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Discover how your business could better leverage the data you hold to generate actionable information and insights that ensure your business can survive, revitalise and thrive in the digital economy.

Maxsum Consulting Backup & Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Could your business continue to operate after a cyber incident, fire or robbery? Don’t let the “what ifs” keep you awake at night. Let Maxsum guide you through designing, testing and implementing a disaster recovery and business continuity plan to ensure your business can weather any storm.

Maxsum Consulting IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

We help you navigate the myriad of hardware, software, networking and hosting options out there and use our consulting-led approach to provide expert advice on the most reliable, scalable, and fit-for-purpose infrastructure for your organisation.

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Maxsum Consulting

The Maxsum Approach to Business Technology

Maxsum provides a consulting-led approach to business technology, contributing to our clients’ growth through our “seat at the table” approach. Technology solutions are just the start of our capability as we serve as a trusted partner to local and national business and not-for-profit clients across a range of industry sectors.

A Seat at the Table

What drives Maxsum’s successful partnerships with our clients? It’s our seat at the table approach that is informed by our vision:

“To remove the boundaries of business growth by having a seat at the table.”

Why is this important? Because traditionally IT has not had a seat at the strategic decision-making table and when IT is not part of this process from the outset, the business outcomes often don’t materialise. We seek to turn this around by becoming an integral part of your team. We bring our technology skills to the table and collaborate with your other specialists as if we were a 24/7 part of your team. Which we are. But without a CIO’s six-figure salary!

A Proactive Approach to Business Technology

With a seat at the table, we can help your business transition from taking a reactive approach to your business technology needs to become proactive, forward-thinking and future focused. Not only will Maxsum contribute as a part of your team to your strategy from the outset to drive your journey to business growth, we provide the service and knowledge that most medium sized businesses simply cannot afford to hire and don’t have the time to manage or fully utilise. Maxsum’s consulting-led, seat at the table approach gives your business the chance to transition from waiting for things to go wrong, to ensuring you’re leveraging the best technology has to offer so you can take on the world…and win!

The Maxsum approach works best when:

  • We partner with clients who value and align with the way we work best;
  • Clients want to work in a more strategic and intentional way and are ready to transition to a proactive approach;
  • Businesses are looking to grown and need trusted partners to get there!

Partnering with Maxsum will give you access to:

  • An opportunity to redefine and rechart your strategic approach to business technology
  • Years of enterprise-grade technology and business experience
  • High-level technical and consulting expertise you wouldn’t have access to otherwise
  • Multi-industry skills and experience
  • Flexible capacity in resourcing
  • An exceptional pool of technical and business talent in the Maxsum team

Cross-industry, business and technology insights that will add value to your technology journey.

Want to see what we mean?

Find out why Maxsum was named 2018 Business of the Year!

Partnerships & Certifications

We partner with the world’s best vendors who provide us with the same level of quality and service that our clients expect of us.

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