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Have You Started Planning Your Move “Back to the Office”?

Are we there yet?

Not yet it would seem…but now is the time to start planning your move “Back to the Office” 

Although 2020 has definitely not panned out like anyone thought it would, we still continue to see shining examples every day of resilience, persistence and ingenuity in the face of personal, professional and global disruption.

Remote working and working from home has pushed people, teams and employers well out of their office-bound comfort zones. After the initial power surge of adrenaline it took getting everyone work effectively remotely began to wane and the reality of Lockdown 1.0 and then 2.0 came to bear, we started looking not only for more creative ways to use technology to stay connnected, but to also disconnect and separate our home and work lives better…

Back to the office planning discussions you need to having right now!

With many states across Australia starting to live life in COVID normal and as Victoria continues to move steadily through the steps we must navigate towards reopening, now is the time to start ensuring your move back to the office is smoother that the move out!

From a technology perspective, here are a few actions items to get on your return to office planning agenda now.

Also, continue on below for a link to one of the best return to office resources we’ve come across, courtesy of our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery partner of choice, Datto.


Actionable tips on Returning to the Office After COVID-19 for your

                • People
                • Office Space
                • Technology
                • Clients


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