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The two most irritating Teams Chat features – FIXED!


Keep your teams chats alive and on track like never before!

Don’t get us wrong – we love Teams – we use it, we build on it, and we collaborate in it, and communicate through it! But that’s not to say it doesn’t have its irks and quirks.

Now, two of the most annoying limitations in Microsoft Teams chat have been resolved – and we’re over the moon!

1. Once upon a time, when you wanted to start or continue a chat, the chat thread took over your activity pane, which meant you couldn’t chat ALONGSIDE your work. That then changed with the introduction of pop-out chat boxes, but it still relied on you remembering to pop that chat out!

Finally now, Teams has given us a way to personalise our settings so that new chats will always Open in a new window every time! Watch on to find out how to make this change.

2. Ever been part of a long and involved chat, and as you have gone on to action something, the chat has continued on and by the time you get to reply, your answer is buried in a flow of newer, possibility unrelated posts?  We have and it was a problem! Things got missed!

Now, teams has added a Reply option behind the More options (three dots) ellipsis for each individual message in chat, so that your reply will directly reference the exact question or post you are specifically replying too and get your chat back on track!

See what this looks like in action below!

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