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RUOK? Check in with your Team today!

RUOK? Finding and maintaining those human connections was hard enough before…but now a global pandemic is making is harder to make contact, let alone nurture connection! Here’s an idea for how to check in with your team today!

According to a rolling study by Swinburne University into the effects of changes in the population’s health and wellbeing caused by COVID-19, pre-pandemic 1 in 4 Australians already felt lonely. The findings to date show that this number is now 1 in 2 since the onset of COVID-19, with those who reported feeling more lonely because of COVID-19 also reporting more mental health concerns.

The first round of newly release remote working related studies by Microsoft further indicate that some 60% of workers are feeling less connected to their teammates working remotely.

With no clear end in site to COVID-19 on the horizon just yet, finding new and creative ways to reach out to and engage with you team is imperative to protect both the mental health and wellbeing of your team, and the contributions they make to your organisation’s culture, work and business.

Since we’re all about finding new and creative ways to leverage the technology tools you have to do more, check out our quick video guide below that shows you how you can use Microsoft Teams and the new pre-formatted employee sentiment surveys in Microsoft Forms to ask your team the question RUOK? today, and then set about finding connections to help.

If you have questions, or would like to see some more great examples like this one shown here, reach out to MAXSUM on 1300 629 786 or Contact us right here.