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Digital Fatigue - Has your business lost its digital drive?

Digital Fatigue – Has your business lost its digital drive?

For many Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SME) Digital Fatigue has set in over the last 12-18 months. Business decision makers have been besieged by the relentless “do or die”, “eat or be eaten” digital disruption message. But digital disruption is no longer big news....
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Can the SME Hold Off the Online Giant?

Amazon in Australia, the SME and How Business Technology Can Help! It’s a household name across the English-speaking world and beyond – Amazon; and unless you’ve been living in a remote island paradise for the last few years, you’d be aware of the buzz Amazon's arrival on Australian shores has had....
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Digital Transformation - The Need for Speed

Digital Transformation – The need for speed

There is no doubt that when it comes to digital transformation that strategic alignment is king! Recent CEO surveys are dishing up the proof with countless tales of failed transformation projects....
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Is your digital vs dollars battle torpedoing your growth?

Why CFO and CIO collaboration is critical to digital transformation success! Something that's high on the agenda for businesses wanting to transform and thrive in the digital age is to achieve greater IT-business alignment - the much-touted precondition of a successful digital transformation. But getting your finance and technology people in...
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Do you trust your technology partner?

…and how to find a technology partner that you will trust! When my daughter was on camp, her school principle went along for a day. Later that week, he recounted to the school assembly about the kids’ abseiling challenge and started talking about the notion of “fear”. What it took...
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Building A Better Customer Experience

Are you missing the building blocks that count? - Insights into what makes a great customer experience  based on travel (mis)adventures in Italy - Italy – Prime international tourist destination renowned for its atmospheric historical centers, gastronomic experiences and giving visitors a taste of La Dolce Vita. Whilst sensory life experiences are...
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Eating Business Technology Strategy for Breakfast

The kids cooked breakfast on the weekend, which meant I actually had time to read the paper. Not just flick through the feed on my phone, but actually spread The Weekend Australian out across the table as I tucked into some pancakes, and peruse! But as I read Sunday morning, something...
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What’s In It For Me?

WIIFM? (Who cares? Nobody trusts you!) By Chris Pezzimenti, One Step Out A couple of months ago I found myself in the midst of a major disagreement between business partners that had the potential to bring down everything. It was a powder keg ready to explode and battle stations were manned. It...
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Getting Your IT Strategy to Make Sense

Mr Squiggle – bet you haven’t thought about him for years! I’ve just recently introduced my kids to our generation’s wonderous world of Miss Jane, Mr Squiggle and Bill the Steamshovel via the magic of YouTube, and they’re amazed at Mr Squiggle’s art-rendering process....
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5 Questions Your “IT Dept” Needs To Ask YOU!

If your "IT Dept." or partner is not asking YOU the right questions about your business, find one that will! Are you confident that your business is on the path to becoming digital-ready? Do you believe you are agile enough to beat out your competition and carve out a top spot...
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