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Disruption, Technology and the NFP Sector

The NFP and Business Technology Partnership

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Disruption, Technology and the NFP Sector

What’s the new norm?

For businesses and the not-for-profit (NFP) sector alike, the message is clear – change is the new norm – and that change is fast, furious and the stakes are high. As businesses embark on digital transformation journeys to ensure their businesses survive, revitalise and thrive in the digital economy, the pressure has also come to bear heavily on the NFP Sector to partner, fund, implement and deliver services in faster, more innovative, more efficient, and yet sustainable ways. On the technology front, forward-thinking NFPs are now looking at the potential effect emerging technologies like AI and IoT, as well as automation, may have on the sector, how to guard against cyber threats and protect their (sometimes very vulnerable) users’ data, and ways to embrace the power of data and analytics to deliver insights that will serve their stakeholders better and expand their impact.

The problem for NFP decision makers though is that embarking on a digital transformation takes time, expertise and investment – resources that NFPs are not necessarily positioned to be able to sustainably fund without a profit model. And therein lies the challenge – how can the NFP justify generating enough of profit or gains on the balance sheet to invest in sustainable and innovative business technology outcomes, whilst still remaining true to its purpose?

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The NFP and For-Profit Partnership

NFPs and Business – Profit is not a dirty word!

At recent Not-for-Profit forums the overriding message has been that for NFPs too, change is the new norm. While the NFP sector is traditionally seen as being highly risk averse, they too are now facing the urgent need to adapt to disrupted service markets, pressure from advances in automation and cyber threats,  and the desire to embrace the power of data and analytics to get a better picture of how they can serve their stakeholders and expand their impact.

5 Business Questions IT Needs To Ask You!

5 Questions Your “IT Dept” Needs To Ask YOU!

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Are you confident that your business is on the path to becoming digital-ready? Do you believe you are agile enough to beat out your competition and carve out a top spot in the future economy? I suspect not many of us are… If fact – there are numbers that back up just how uncertain we feel.

Managed Services Mini-Blog

8 Reasons You Need a Digital Transformation Partner

Small to Medium sized Enterprise (SME) looking to innovate and transform their business and deliver the whole experience via a scalable investment is in need of a new model. A business technology strategy that unifies all the arms of your business is an essential platform, but one that is typically lacking in many businesses. The traditional “you break it, we fix it” model of IT service delivery is simply not enough and needs to be replaced with a digital transformation partner that walks the innovation journey with you.

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