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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Did you know over 90% of data breaches are the result of HUMAN error?

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Find out how the MaxSec Breach Prevention Platform will provide your business with

  • Regular automated phishing simulations based on real examples from the wild and specific follow-up training.
  • A way to track and measure individual results and your business’ overall security score.
  • Ongoing actionable tips and advice on how to embed good IT security practices across your team!

Protect your people, data and assets from today’s No. 1 attack vector!

Data breach reporting statistics consistently show and well over 90% of cyber incidents and data breaches originate from a phishing email.

“John” receives an email with a document to review. The email looks legitimate. John is keen to get on with his work, and so he goes ahead and actions that phishing email he thought was legitimate and then enters his user name and password to access a document or link the email “says” requires his attention. That’s it. That’s all it takes for a malicious actor to get access to the system those credentials apply to.

How does this happen? Phishing emails are expertly and intentionally designed to evade many protection systems AND more importantly to play on people’s sense of urgency and our human vulnerabilities. Whilst a robust IT security strategy requires a layered approach to protect your data from a range of threats coming from different angles, the only protection available once a phishing email reaches this last line of your defences – your people – is knowledge, awareness, and training a mindset across your team to not immediately trust and action what they may see.

2 Factors Have Now Upped the Phishing Ante – Exponentially!

Firstly, if your team has recently started working from home, then your organisation’s digital perimeter has expanded outwards once again and taken with it access to your data, systems and assets, right into the home offices of every one of your people!

Add into the mix the recent surge in COVID-19 related phishing attacks doing the rounds and you start to see how your team, working remotely, in the midst of a crisis, has very quickly upped your risk factor!

Managing the Last Line of Defence – Your People!

At Maxsum, we always come back to one simple truth. “You can’t manage what you can’t measure!” But how can you manage the human nature aspect associated with whether your people will click or not click on a phishing email under pressure?

That’s where cybersecurity awareness training comes in. By routinely sending “fake phish” out to your team and charting how they respond, you are then able to use this as an education and awareness exercise to teach and train your team on how to identify a phishing email, to understand the types of language used to evoke panic or prompt action, when not to click, what happens if they do click on a malicious link and what they should do about it.

What’s more, cybersecurity awareness training can be automated, scheduled, tracked and reported on via a low-touch, high-reward risk mitigation platform service that will put all the knowledge and power back in your people’s hands and within your sight!


Security Awareness Training

Easy, automated, delivered!

Complete the form and a customer service representative will contact you to arrange a time to show you how to :

  • Run automated, staggered and targeted phishing simulations
  • Access annual and weekly security awareness training online and on demand for everyone on your team
  • Track and measure individual results and training outcomes, organisation-wide results and your business’ overall security score!
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How Maxsum Can Help


Contact Maxsum today on 1300 629 786 or check out our Pricing Guide for the MaxSec Breach Prevention Platform to set up your access to:

  • Unlimited access to cybersecurity training modules
  • Organisation-wide Employee Secure Score tracking
  • Centralised IT Security Policy acknowledgement features
  • Regular dark web assessments and monitoring
  • Automated, regular phishing campaigns to test and train your team!

WATCH NOW: MaxSec Breach Prevention Platform – Cybersecurity Awareness Training Explained!

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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