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All Aboard for a Journey to the Cloud

Sep 2, 2013


Local Business has responded in a huge way to the second in Maxsum Solutions’ Exclusive Access Series, with registrations for the business technology event eclipsing expectations.

MD Joe Ciancio says the Exclusive Access Events are designed to get Business talking about new technology that can bring real return value home to our community.

“We were inspired to do something very different – not just for our clients, but for the whole community. We run our Exclusive Access events for the benefit of all businesses, regardless of who their IT suppliers are, because we believe we should do all we can to contribute to the quality of thinking around business investments in technology,” Mr Ciancio says.

“Maxsum Solutions establishes great supplier relationships on the back of our commitment to very high quality results for our clients and big brands like Microsoft share our view that technology is there to serve people – and not the other way around,” he says.

Exclusive Access Events are designed to inform and educate the business community about the options and opportunities technology can afford.

The Journey to the Cloud event will demonstrate how cloud computing can help businesses of all sizes understand how they can get mobile, more flexible, manage costs and increase turnover using the right cloud-based solutions.

“It can be an intimidating thing to make a judgement call about investing in business technology – especially when time and resources are tight. This event will bring confidence to the people in business who are responsible for making these important decisions,” Mr Ciancio says.