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Join us for Mobile Device Management, Explained!

Join us for Mobile Device Management, Explained!

Data breach by mobile device?
Your business – Your risk  

It’s 2019 and it’s a mobile-first, cloud-first world! Flexibility-tick! Mobility-tick! But on the flip side, if your company data is now accessible to anyone in your team via their mobile device, wherever they may be, what risks are you taking with your data?

Do you have the toolset you need…

…to keep your data on the downlow?

…to control and manage what data is used on your teams’ mobile devices? 

…And to head off any data breach threats posed by lost or stolen devices? 

Join us March 13 in Bendigo and March 20 in Melbourne as we deep dive into Mobile Device Management (MDM) and explore:

  • What is MDM and why does your business need it?
  • Common MDM use cases in your business
  • MDM’s role in a robust data breach response process
  • A look at MDM in action and the workplace policies you need to make it work!

Places limited! Book fast! 11am – 12:30pm (including lunch) March 13 in Bendigo and March 20 in Melbourne


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