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Journey to the Cloud – Do you know the way ?

Mar 16, 2013


When Joe Ciancio left to live in St Mary’s College and study at the University of Melbourne, his heart was never far from home.

And when, after years spent working in Japan and the United States, Joe did come home, it was with the fire to build a technology business that would give Bendigo access to the world beating brands and thinking he’d experienced overseas.

Listed on the CRN Fast 50 in 2012, Joe’s Maxsum Solutions is about to launch the first in its Exclusive Access series; presentations and networking events custom designed for enterprises in the Central Victorian Region.

“Exclusive Access is my way of talking directly to the business community about tomorrow’s technology, today. It’s about bringing business thinkers together to inform and influence and our first event will open a conversation about business continuity and disaster recovery,” Joe says.

“With more than 40 delegates already registered for the event we’re looking to create a more robust business response to the threat of catastrophic data loss in the local economy,” he says.

Bendigo is going through unprecedented population growth and innovative local businesses like Maxsum Solutions are preparing for increased demand.

“We already service clients across the country from our Head Office in Bendigo and suites in Carlton. What we know about the Central Victorian business climate is that there is a lot of opportunity for businesses who position with effective business technology,” Joe says.

Bendigo’s star is on the rise, with metropolitan awareness of the state’s 4th largest city bringing tens of thousands of visitors to events like the Grace Kelly exhibition at the Bendigo Art Gallery and a burgeoning food and wine culture drawing national attention to our restaurants.

Many are coming to stay, attracted by the gracious heritage buildings, parklands and readily accessible culture and recreation spaces.

“Bendigo was once among the richest cities in the world, thanks to the 1850s Goldrush,” Joe says, “And now, we’re ready for the next Boomtown; Bendigo in the 21st century is a great place to be.”