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Managing the data nightmare using CRM and SharePoint

Mar 2, 2014


Session Level:

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Session Description:
Most not-for-profits have a legacy system of storing information in a variety of Word and Excel files, hand-written notes, as well in (mandated) third party systems. As organisations grow and as reporting/auditing requirements become more demanding, managing data is this way is no longer feasible. This is especially the case if an organisation wishes to attract additional funding and grow. This presentation looks at how technology, specifically CRM and SharePoint, may be used to better manage and share information. These tools will enable a not-for-profit organisation to end the data management nightmare and set themselves up for the reporting and funding requirements of the future.

Key learning outcomes:

  • Auditing of existing business processes
  • Understanding difference between CRM and SharePoint
  • Appropriate application of CRM and SharePoint
  • Integration considerations for mandated systems (eg. IRIS, ISportal)
  • Capturing information for outcomes based funding
  • Real life examples of CRM and SharePoint in a not-for-profit

Speaker Biography: 
Joe Ciancio, the Director of Maxsum Solutions, graduated from Melbourne University with a Bachelor of Science (Computer) and a Bachelor or Engineering (Elec.) with Honours in 1997. The final year of his Computer Science degree was completed at the Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan). He spent the next four years living and working in IT in Tokyo, Japan and San Jose, California USA. During this time working abroad, he regularly visited and gained an insight into many of the world’s leading IT companies throughout the Europe, America and Asia. He returned to Australia in 2001, when he founded Maxsum.