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Meet the Maxsum Team – Vinod Allam


Meet Vinod!

Over the past 12 months the Maxsum Service Delivery Team has grown, with the addition of some exceptional new talent to our first-line responder ranks!

Some of you may have had the pleasure of “meeting” Vinod Allam over the phone already. Since joining the Maxsum team in 2020, Vinod has quickly become a trusted team member and consistent deliverer of gold-star service ticket resolution outcomes for our clients.

But at Maxsum, we’re about much more than “tech” –  We’re about the processes, data and, most importantly, the PEOPLE that bring technology to life. So here are few things about Vinod and his role with Maxsum in Enabling Opportunity and Realising Potential in your organisation.

Vinod grew up in India and studied and worked in IT in Melbourne before relocating to Bendigo with his wife to live and work full-time. Attracted to Bendigo for its “peacefulness”, Vinod brings with him a LOVE of sports and a passion for exploring new technology, especially where it generates a rapid change and impact on people’s lives.

Vinod is a big believer in setting short-term goals and working towards them one step at a time. Professionally Vinod has achieved a Master’s Degree in Networking and continues to prioritise professional development in the field and building a career on delivering quality IT support outcomes for clients.

Vinod is great to chat to in the Maxsum lunchroom, has a great sense of humour and diverse interest in everything going on around the world at any given time.

He rates his favourite movie as The Imitation Game, which fully backs up the sense you get that knows where technology has come from and where it’s headed! (Tip – Haven’t seen it? Get onto it this weekend!)

Vinod has been a very welcome addition to our Maxsum team. Next time you’re working with Vinod on an IT service request or project, be sure to strike up a convo.

Find out more about IT Support and Managed IT Services with Maxsum, call 1300 629 786 or drop us  a message right here!

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