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Ransomware Wars – What’s new on the battlefront

Jun 28, 2017

News Service Updates

SophosLabs has determined that new variants of Petya ransomware (also known as GoldenEye) are behind the massive online outbreak that spread across Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere in recent days. Others in the security industry are calling it PetrWrap.

This time, however, one of Australia’s favourites – chocolate maker Cadbury – has taken a hit.

Let’s not forget that Ransomware is an ever-present and ever-intensifying threat to the security of your data, the operations of your business, and at worst, your very ability to keep up and running.

This is another timely reminder to take the advice of trusted security and technology partners, and make security part of your strategy from the outset.

Read here for the inside information the latest wave of Petya Ransomware attacks from Maxsum security partner, Sophos.

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And revisit our infographic below on our Tips to Protect Against Ransomware.