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October 2023 Security Updates for Client Devices

Your device is only as secure as its’ latest update – Here’s what we’re doing about it!

At Maxsum we’re more than serious about cyber security. If you’ve attended a recent webinar or Maxsum event, you will have heard us talk about a number of frameworks including the Essential Eight, NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO27001 and others.

Whilst these frameworks vary in the extent and scope of their recommendations, there are a number of “basics” – fundamental essential IT security recommendations common to all.

Given the escalation in the frequency and sophistication of cyber threats in recent years, these fundamental recommendations are no longer options. They now represent the cost of entry for conducting business in the age of the active adversary.

Some of these include:

  • Using unique security passphrases and password management tools
  • Ensuring multi-factor authentication is turned on wherever possible
  • Ensuring regular back-ups are enabled and are routinely performed
  • Engaging in regular Cybersecurity Awareness Training and staying alert to threats
  • Having a communicated and tested IT Security Incident Response Plan in place
  • Ensuring routine patching is enabled and performed
  • Ensuring devices and operating systems are routinely updated and kept up to date

Early this year Maxsum launched an Auto Device Reboot Program for Managed IT Services clients to ensure that scheduled and urgent software patches and updates that are automatically deployed take full effect, even when devices may have been idle for some time or when the patch requires a device reboot.

Given the recent uptick in cyber activity this year, over the course of October 2023, Maxsum will be enabling some new and additional device updates to be automatically deployed to client devices to proactively improve their security and reliability.

Whilst these updates will not require you to reboot your device, there may be instances where you will experience a brief disconnection from the network, docks or displays you may be connected to, or your screen may go blank momentarily as your device is updated remotely.

In the unlikely event you do experience a disruption, normal operations should resume after just a few seconds.

These updates will be rolled out progressively over October 2023 to ensure your devices remain as secure and reliable as possible.

Read more about the ACSC’s advice on device updates here, or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Maxsum Service Delivery Team on 1300 629 786.