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IT Security

Explore our suite of next-generation, enterprise-grade IT Security solutions.

IT Security

Just as fast as the technology landscape changes and evolves, so too does the cyber threat landscape. IT Security is a business-critical consideration for all businesses to protect your most important assets – your people, your clients and your data.

Maxsum Consulting will help you navigate the new challenges today’s advanced cyber threat landscape poses for your business, from education and planning to deterrence, prevention, detection, and response.

We provide IT security services to businesses from our Melbourne and Bendigo offices.

Maxsum can support your business to:

  • Understand the new normal in IT Security
  • Take a “privacy by design” approach to IT Security
  • Implement next-generation solutions that address the entire cyber threat lifecycle
  • Educate and support your first line of defence – your people!

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Maxsum’s Next-Generation Suite of IT Security Solutions

Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Reporting & Audit

Stay on top of your security posture with informed security assessments, security log management, penetration testing and dark web monitoring.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Password & Access Protection

Ensure your digital perimeter is secure with effective password policies, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and mobile device management (MDM).

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Endpoint Protection

Protect your endpoint devices with next-generation antivirus protection and anti-exploit/ransomware protection.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Network Protection

Up your network security with firewall protections, managed switching, UTM web gateway security, managed wireless, SSL filtering, and sandbox protection.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Email Protection

Explore strong options to protect your data, including SPAM filtering, advanced email filtering, email encryption and Information Rights Management tools.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Business Protection

Make sure your business can weather any storm with business continuity solutions including offsite and cloud-based backup, Office 365 backup, and data encryption.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Cybersecurity Awareness

Shore up your front-line defences with IT Security training options for your team, including security training and phishing testing.

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Maxsum Consulting Security Business Continuity

MaxSec Patch Protection

Regular, proactive Microsoft and 3rd-party software patching to ensure you’ve got all the bases covered!

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Introducing MaxSec: IT Security Reimagined

The “new normal” in IT Security.

“It’s so complicated…there are so many things to think about!”

We’re hearing this a lot and we know why! The cyberthreat landscape as evolved dramatically and the level of sophistication involved in the cyber incidents being encountered is unprecedented. This, combined with the introduction of new regulatory frameworks around privacy and data security, has businesses feeling overwhelmed. To address these issues, Maxsum works with businesses to demonstrate what the new normal in IT Security looks like. Maxsum promotes shifting from a reactive waiting for the inevitable to happen approach to a proactive stance that ensures you have the protections, processes and responses in place to deal with a cyberincident not if, but when it happens.

Maxsum Consulting new Normal in IT Security
Maxsum Consulting Privacy by Design

Privacy by Design

“I don’t want to find out after the fact we should have done things differently…”

The essential message behind the Privacy by Design approach mandated in many of the new privacy and data regulations is actually very simple – that privacy and data protection cannot be an afterthought! Privacy by Design refers to including data protection and privacy considerations right from the outset in any new system or project design or implementation. Maxsum will assist you to ensure that privacy and data protection conversations are a part of your earliest conversations around your decision-making table, and then assist you to implement the right IT Security solutions and products that best suit your project and purpose.

Addressing the entire cyberthreat lifecycle

“How do we know if we’ve got enough or the right protections in place?”

In the past cyber attacks usually employed just a single technique. Today they are far more advanced, are powered by machine learning and complex algorithms, and use combinations of different techniques. This requires businesses to take a much more comprehensive and proactive approach to IT Security that addresses the entire cyber threat life cycle through from Deterrence and Detection to Response and Reporting. Maxsum can assist you to design the right processes to ensure you are taking a holistic and proactive approach to security in your business and deliver best-in-class solutions that are designed to address your deterrence, detection, response and reporting needs.

Maxsum Consulting - Lifecycle of any Cyberthreat
Maxsum Consulting - Cyberthreat Educate and Support

Supporting your first line of defence – your people!

“How can we stop someone clicking on a phishing email?”

Short answer – you can’t! Most data breaches and email compromises can be traced back to – you guessed it – simple human error! That’s why it’s so crucially important to ensure that you have the right technology solutions in place, but that you also continue to train and educate your team and employees about the importance of security and data protection. This is a conversation that needs to travel both top-down, bottom-up and across any organisation. Talk to Maxsum today about how we can assist you with education and training for your team, as well as reporting tools that will give you insight into security practices in your team.

Joe Ciancio - Maxsum Consulting Managing Director
Joe Ciancio - Managing Director

How we can help?

We provide a consulting-led approach to IT Security – making sure you’ve got the right resources in the right places. If you need advice now on how our IT Security services can help make your business safer, call us today on 1300 629 786 (MAXSUM) or send us a message.

The Path to Cyber Maturity for Australian Businesses

Most businesses are so busy just getting on with the day-to-day running of their business that they don’t really give too much thought as to what will happen if they suffer a cyber attack or data breach.

But the recent surge in cyber crime targeting and disabling businesses around the globe serves to demonstrate the very real financial, operational, reputational and even human risks associated with employing anything less than enterprise-grade IT security.

At Maxsum, we use our seat-at-the table approach to ensure that businesses are asking the right questions around their decision-making table and work together with our clients to enhance their security posture and move them up the scale from Cyber Aware to Cyber Secure, and then from Cyber Secure to Cyber Mature.

Critical Cyber Risk Questions

Partnerships & Certifications

We partner with the world’s best vendors who provide us with the same level of quality and service that our clients expect of us.

Microsoft Silver Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions
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