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Managed IT Services

Switch to a more comprehensive and inclusive approach to managing your business technology.

Managed IT Services

As an industry leader in providing Managed IT services, Maxsum provides strategy-driven professional, reliable support for your business technology systems with an utmost focus on technical excellence and outstanding customer service.

Maxsum understands that not every business is the same – and one size will never fit all! As a result, we provide a number of options across our MaxGuard Managed IT Services offering to suit your specific requirements and business needs.

We provide managed IT services to businesses from our Melbourne and Bendigo offices.

Partnering with Maxsum for Managed IT Services can support your business to:

  • Move to proactive business technology management
  • Benefit from a strategy-backed approach to Managed IT services
  • Stay ahead of the business technology curve
  • Lay the foundations for business transformation

Schedule a one-on-one

No cost. No obligation. No sales pitch. Just a conversation with one of our business technology consultants about where you want to take your business.

Maxsum’s MaxGuard Managed IT Service

MaxGuard Standard Managed IT Services

MaxGuard Standard

Offers a basic level of Managed IT Service coverage, including proactive monitoring of business technology systems and use of the Maxsum Support Portal.

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Max Guard Plus Managed IT Services

MaxGuard Plus

Provides a higher service level guarantee and includes more features such as after-hours support access, remote incident management and more.

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MaxGuard Ultimate Managed IT Services

MaxGuard Ultimate

Is the most comprehensive and inclusive approach to managing business technology systems, including additional features such as scheduled onsite attendance and vendor management.

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MaxGuard CoManaged IT Services

Co-Managed Agreements

Got an in-house IT team but need that extra layer of support for escalation of more complex issues and support requests?

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Proactive vs. Reactive IT Management

“I just need everything to work, so I can get on with running my business”

While we get super excited about everything new and next in technology, we know that you really just need everything to work! Managed IT Services offers businesses the chance to transition away from the traditional “waiting for something to happen” reactive approach to business technology, and to effectively outsource the management of your IT systems to Maxsum. Then you get on with doing what you do best – growing your business; while we proactively manage and maintain your business technology systems to ensure that everything does, just work!

Proactive-vs-Reactive - Managed IT Services
Strategy Backed - Managed IT Services

Strategy-Backed Managed IT

“We really need to be more strategic, but we can’t afford a technology manager…”

Lots of businesses want to take a more strategic approach to their business technology to ensure that they are not just chasing quick technology wins but are leveraging technology to generate real outcomes for their business. Maxsum offers a real point of difference in this area as we effectively serve as both strategic advisor and technology manager. Every single engagement we enter into starts with a strategic discussion around how you could better leverage technology to achieve your aims. Then we discuss the right Managed IT Services option that will provide both the service and strategy support to set you on the right track to achieving those goals.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

“Things change too often too fast. How do we know we have the right solutions in place?”

One of the key components of Managed IT Services is proactive and automated monitoring, alerting, patch management and reporting of your IT systems 24/7. This means you can always rest assured your systems are in the best possible shape they can be. Our skilled technicians will flag issues before they become bigger problems, ultimately saving your business time and resources. Higher levels of Managed IT Service agreements also include options for hardware asset management and vendor management, which means that we are constantly re-evaluating and refining your IT systems to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

Ahead of Curve - Managed IT Services
Foundations for Business Transformation - Managed IT Services

Laying the Foundations for Business Transformation

“There’s a lot of change in our industry and I want my business to be future ready”

There’s a lot of talk around digital disruption and the need for businesses to digitally transform to survive, revitalise and thrive in the digital economy. And there can be no denying that business technology is positioned as the engine that underpins and powers business transformation. Managed IT Services will ensure that your business technology and processes are incrementally, proactively and securely driving forward, giving your business has the best-possible platform from which to optimise, scale, as well as generate and deliver new value.

Joe Ciancio - Maxsum Consulting Managing Director
Joe Ciancio - Managing Director

How we can help?

We provide a consulting-led approach to Managing IT Systems – making sure you take a planned approach to maintaining your IT systems. If you need advice on how to move to a more proactive approach to managing IT services, call us today on 1300 MAXSUM or send us a message.

Managed IT Services can deliver whole-of-business outcomes

Listen to what Centre for Non-Violence CEO Margaret Augerinos had to say about their Managed IT Services partnership with Maxsum.

What You Can Expect as a MaxGuard Managed IT Services Client

Maxsum’s MaxGuard suite of Managed IT Services offerings are delivered by a team of exceptional executive and technical talent handpicked for their understanding of how business and technology best fit together and their commitment to customer service.

Managed IT Services are proactively and expertly delivered via:

Help-Desk Support

Maxsum provides an entire team dedicated to performing Managed IT Services via our Help Desk. Using formal Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based processes and procedures, the Help Desk is the single point of contact for incoming queries and manages all technical issues through to resolution. Help Desk support enables Maxsum to provide our clients with multiple resources, and a broad range of skills to meet your IT requirements.

Escalation Support

Maxsum provides a dedicated team of senior level engineers who specialise in resolving higher level or more complex issues. A dedicated Service Delivery Coordinator and Despatch resources oversee the life-cycle of issues as they pass through help-desk and escalation points to resolution.

The Maxsum Support Portal

As a Managed IT Services client, you will have access to the Maxsum Support Portal, which enables any member of your team to log support requests online directly from their desk and capture all the relevant device and incident information we need to facilitate a speedy and appropriate resolution.

Take a look at how the Maxsum Support Portal works here:

Service and Account Management

All Managed IT Service issues are overseen by our Service Delivery Team. In addition to this, regular contact and onsite liaison with one of our Account Managers ensures that information regarding your business technology systems and requirements flows between all parts of our business. This allows for continuous improvements within our systems and yours!

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

All Managed IT Services provided by Maxsum are backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA). These SLAs outline the response and services times you can expect as a Managed IT Services client. SLAs give you peace of mind that any and all of your business technology needs will be addressed in optimal time.

The Maxsum Approach to Your Digital Transformation Journey

The traditional “you break it, we fix it” model of IT service delivery is simply no longer enough to ensure that businesses can keep pace with technology change in the digital age. Working with a Managed IT Services Provider ensures that your technology and processes are incrementally, proactively and securely maintained and driven forward to keep you ahead of the curve. But not all Managed IT Service providers have the strategic expertise to take a top-down view of your business to ensure you’re headed in the right direction strategically.

The first step on your business’ digital transformation journey must be to leverage the expertise of a business technology consultant to develop a robust and forward-looking digital transformation and business technology strategy for your organisation.

Then the second step is to work with a Managed IT Services provider to implement your strategy and ensure that your desired outcomes are realised.

Finding the right people to form this strategic and operational digital transformation partnership with is critical and hinges on finding partners who align with your business on purpose and culture.

Maxsum is uniquely positioned to be able to provide business technology consulting services and managed services expertise that cover both your strategic and operational technology needs along your digital transformation journey.

Partnerships & Certifications

We partner with the world’s best vendors who provide us with the same level of quality and service that our clients expect of us.

Microsoft Silver Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions
Citrix Partner - Silver Solution Advisor
HP Partner
Sophos Gold Partner
Datto Professional - Global Partner Program
Fujitsu Select Expert

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