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Data Breach

Understanding what a data breach looks like and how to manage your way can be difficult. This quick video explains what a data breach is and what you should do if you fall victim.

Maxsum’s next-generation suite of IT Security Solutions may help you avoid this situation completely.


The Internet of Things

IoT presents compelling business benefits, especially for organisations prepared to make the most of the innovative opportunities the stream of real-time data provides.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Hyperconverged infrastructure provides the foundation and flexibility you need to build true scalability into your workplace.

Maxsum’s business technology consultants can help you leverage the benefits of hyper-convergence.


Top 12 Phishing Subject Lines

Understanding the threat of phishing attacks is the first step to avoid getting caught. This video covers the top 12 phishing subject lines to help boost your defences against this very real threat to your business.


Buying Consumer vs. Business-Grade Technology


Maxsum at Microsoft Ignite The Tour 2019

Microsoft Ignite is always a great place to find out what’s new and what’s trending. Here are our top take away’s from the conference.


Multi factor authentication explained


Tech Pro Tips by Maxsum


MaxSec is Maxsum’s suite of next-generation, enterprise-grade IT Security solutions.


Cyber Security Re-imagined


MaxSec Advanced Email and Endpoint Protection