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Next Steps

We hope you’ve gained a range of new and valuable insights into the evolving cyber threat landscape and the old and the new challenges organisations will now face in the age of Generative AI.

We’d love to host you at one of our many upcoming events and sessions on Cybersecurity, Generative AI, Microsoft Copilot and much more.

Why not get started with your IT, Executive and Governance teams by asking some big questions.

Take back some key questions to ask your Executive Team
  • What security, privacy and/or data protection compliance / governance requirements do you have ?​
  • Does your approach to IT security align to a recognised security framework?​
  • Are the IT security protections you have in place widespread and comprehensive, or are they just a bunch of “protections” ?​
  • Have you reviewed your cyber insurance coverage ?​
  • What internal and third-party security management practices are in place ?​ Are they monitored, audited and reviewed regularly?
  • What Quality Assurance practices are in place ?​ How does your IT security impact on the quality of your products, services or processes?
  • What (Government / Industry) partnerships do you have ? How do these partnerships inform your IT security requirements?
  • Does your Internal / Outsourced IT partner have the right mix of defensive vs. offensive technical skillsets, as well as strategic review and advisory capabilities?

Want to review some recent guidance on Cybersecurity and AI ?

Here’s a selection of the latest key resources and reports.

“When it comes to keeping ahead of the active cyber adversary, unfortunately what got you here will not get you there. Meeting and defeating your adversaries head on will take a more comprehensive, truly proactive managed threat detection and response approach.

Joe Ciancio, Managing Director & Managed IT Security Sales Lead, Maxsum Consulting