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Thank you for joining us for:


Thank you for joining us for the latest

Melbourne Cyber Security Leaders Forum

With special guest speakers from the Australian Signals Directorate, Sophos, Maxsum Consulting and PRX.

We expect you gained a range of new and valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape and the next-generation proactive IT Security provisions that your organisation will need to start considering if you are to fight fire with fire!

Where to from here?

So, where to next? Here are a few great ways you can keep the discussion going with your own team, your providers and others to start to get some traction on moving your IT security provisions out of defence and into offense. Here are three easy ways you can keep this conversation moving forward.

Take the FREE Online Cyber Maturity Self-Assessment to gauge your current cyber security stance!

Book a COMPLIMENTARY* Self-Assessment Review & Advisory Meeting (normally valued at $2000)

Take advantage of our Proactive Managed IT Security Special Discount Rate* for the first 6 months!

*Terms & Conditions Apply. Offers only available to Melbourne Cyber Security Leaders Forum attendee organisations. Offers applies to Review Meetings booked by November 30, 2023.

Top Tip!

Take Back these Eight Essential IT Security Considerations to your Executive Team

Why not get started by relaying some of what your learning from our Aug 9 event to your IT, Executive and Governance teams? You can begin by posing the following questions.

Key Resources

Find out what you, your Board and your Executive Team need to know!

Take some time to review some of the key resources referred to in the Melbourne Cyber Security Leaders Forum. Need some more guidance? Just let us know!

“When it comes to keeping ahead of the active cyber adversary, unfortunately what got you here will not get you there. Meeting and defeating your adversaries head on will take a more comprehensive, truly proactive managed threat detection and response approach.

Joe Ciancio, Managing Director & Managed IT Security Sales Lead, Maxsum Consulting