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The way we work best

The Maxsum culture defines the way our team works – both within our business and yours.


Choose to lead

We are all leaders – every one of us. We take responsibility, own our tasks and accept the results. No excuses!


Build the ecosystem

We are more than the sum of our parts and it’s what we do together that leads to a common achievement. We’re serious about this stuff. But don’t get me wrong – we also love to have fun, celebrate creativity and bask in our differences!


Don’t half-ass it

Excuse me if you think our language is a bit out there! But we’re passionate about getting it right the first time. We really do walk the talk – and this is the way our team expresses our resolve.


Deliver the whole experience

Our customer is the centre of our world – literally! We think about you before we think about our first coffee of the day and were not shy about keeping in touch.