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Sensing Big Changes to Come – The Internet of Things

Sensing Big Changes to Come – The Internet of Things

Some of the Maxsum team were in Melbourne yesterday at the inaugural IoT Festival. What a great event to help build skills, knowledge and excitement in the IoT (Internet of Things) space and work towards the State Government’s big goal of cementing Melbourne as a global cyberhub. Victoria with it’s strong history in manufacturing and industry is perfectly placed to transfer and adapt that knowledge to drive and benefit from developments in Industrial IoT and Smart Cities initiatives.

Some of the topics discussed included how IoT will change the way we work, live and interact, and what the ups and downs might be from being able to sense, record and measure everything in the environment around us. Lots of great insight too into the transformative impact IoT will have on manufacturing, health care, ag-tech and logistics, and around the critical issues of cybersecurity and risk, interoperability, and establishing standards.

Keep a watch on our blog over the coming weeks for more insights into IoT from the 2017 IoTFestival.