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5 Questions Your “IT Dept” Needs To Ask YOU!

5 Questions Your “IT Dept” Needs To Ask YOU!

If your IT partner is not asking YOU the right questions about your business – find one that will!

I might be wrong…but I suspect many of you out there know that your business is not digital-ready, agile or coordinated enough to beat out your competition and carve out a top spot in the future economy; not yet anyway.

Actually, I don’t just suspect it – we have the numbers.

A global survey of business leaders undertaken by Fujitsu tells us that 75% of business leaders say that their sectors will fundamentally change in the next 5 years. What’s more, more than half – 52% believe their organizations will not exist in their current form in just five years’ time.  I repeat NOT EXIST in their current form. As you close out your figures for EOFY and launch your budget and business plans for the next one, three, five years, is “no longer existing in your current form” a threat that you’ve factored into your forecasts?

Why might your business cease exist? Because technology is eating our world at a faster and faster rate. Not just technology itself – it’s the innovative combinations of technology and talent being used, and how that will streamline processes, boost efficiency, and give rise to totally new products and services previously unimagined. Technology that is allowing previously disparate industrial sectors to partner in highly unexpected and disruptive ways; that is elevating the consumer to emperor-like status with their knowledge, expectations and commercial sophistication; and technology that is exponential in its ability to scale and transform where it is strategically implemented.

It is most definitely the time to ask two very critical questions.

  • How do I view IT in my business? Do you see IT as a facilitative tool for your business for getting the job done (and if you do, watch out, because your competitors don’t!); or do you see IT as a growth enabler, because after all, IT is no longer “a department”; it’s the lifeline that unites and drives growth across all your departments.
  • Do I have the right technology partner to help my business transform, take advantage of exponential opportunities to scale, and still be around in five years’ time?

There are lots of tips and guides out there on how to ask the right questions to find the right IT partner – what they offer, who they’re partnered with, what their agreements and support is like, what their track record in serving like entities is like…and these are all important questions.

But something’s missing in this discussion. If you’re shopping around for strategic IT guidance to propel your growth you need to be looking at what questions your business consultant is asking you!

If your business technology/IT partner has not or is not asking you these questions – you need to find one that will – and now – to still be here in five years’ time.

  1. What is your businesses purpose?
  2. What does a typical day in your business look like?
  3. Where are the bottlenecks in your organization in getting projects done/changes made/products sold, etc.?
  4. Do you have documented processes in place that your team respects and works to?
  5. What are your business objectives – for now and in five years’ time?

Do you see the word technology or IT in that list? No – that’s right – not even once. The conversation about strategic business technology has to start with your IT partner truly understanding your business, who you are, what you believe, and where you want to go big picture – your people, processes, and knowledge.

The simple truth is that if your IT team/partner/consultant isn’t having these conversations FIRST with your business leaders, then no amount of even then best tech on the planet will have your business thriving and leading the pack in five years’ time.