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The NEW MaxGuard Managed IT Services Agreement

Feel like choosing a managed services solution is like comparing apples and oranges? Here’s how you can get the best of both!

Do you think your Managed Services Provider should be proactively managing your IT Services AND your IT Security?

We do too!

That’s why Maxsum’s approach to Managed IT Services has changed! We’ve moved to a new Managed Services Agreement framework that covers:

  • Initial and ongoing strategic engagement and planning
  • Managed IT Support – with more services and standard changes included under your Monthly Services Fee
  • Managed IT Security – with automated threat detection and response & vulnerability scanning
  • IT Project Planning & Tracking via the Maxsum Proven Process

Combining Apples + Oranges

Ensuring your systems stay Accessible and Available from anywhere 24/7 in the hybrid work age is complex and takes a dedicated team of IT support experts on your side.

But keeping your systems, data and assets Secure AND one step ahead of online cyber adversaries takes a whole other set of dedicated cyber security resources and expertise. This is why most Managed Service Providers (MSPs) or Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) in Australia specialise in one – not both.

As leaders in their own industries, Maxsum clients have told us they want to be able to shore up their supply chains and work with one provider who can provide them with access to specialist expertise and proactive service across both the support AND security domains.  

MaxGuard Managed IT Services with Maxsum now ensures that getting best-in-class, end-to-end IT Support AND IT Security coverage is never an either/or proposition!

Maxsum’s Managed IT Services Agreements are unique in that they start off-the-back of a dedicated Business Technology Audit including IT Security Assessment that will drive your choice towards the best-fit Managed IT Support + Managed IT Security package to suit your business’ current Accessibility, Availability and Security strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats!

What’s new in a snapshot!

  • Managed IT Support + Managed IT Security coverage options to meet your business’ changing accessibility, availability and security requirements under a single Managed IT Services Agreement
  • New per-user based pricing model that is better suited to the hybrid work era and allows your IT support and security to more effectively scale with your business.
  • MaxGuard Ultimate Managed IT Support now includes more incident and change management inclusions under the agreed Monthly Services Fee.
  • Proactive Managed IT Security bundles ongoing vulnerability scanning, 24/7/365 end-to-end security threat detection, threat hunting, and verified threat response under the agreed Monthly Services Fee.
  • Continual improvement in your systems and security is driven forward by the Maxsum Proven Process – Maxsum’s client engagement framework purpose-built to drive performance and improvement with structured monthly, quarterly and annual strategic and technical feedback, review, reporting, advisory and planning touchpoints.

How do I get onto the new MaxGuard Managed IT Services Agreement?

Are you considering a change?

If you’re thinking about moving to a more comprehensive managed services arrangement or want to take this opportunity to consolidate your services to a single support + security partner, we can’t wait to meet you! Feel free to have a look around our site to find out a bit more about how we work.

Being a consulting-led technology provider means that we lead each and every new engagement with a consulting-based approach. New MaxGuard Managed IT Services clients therefore first undertake a Maxsum Business Technology Assessment (BTA) before final pricing for Managed IT Services can be set.

A BTA involves a diving into your business technology environment to understand your current business technology use, implementation, governance structures, and security posture. It serves as a jumping off point for us to then work with you to better assess, define, and refine your business technology strategy and its implementation for real outcomes. The BTA is a standalone process that provides a useful report with high-level recommendations to assist your IT planning. Alongside presentation of the BTA findings, Maxsum will provide indicative pricing for a fixed-fee Service Transition & Onboarding Project, as well as per-user rates for your ongoing Managed IT Support + Managed IT Security Monthly Services Fee.

Are you already a Maxsum client?

As a valued client you’d be aware that Maxsum has been through some major changes of the last 12 months with our

  • Essential Eight Maturity Level 3 Verification
  • Introduction of Pia aiDesk – an industry leading automated service delivery tool…and much more!

If you are already a Maxsum client, we already manage your environment and so existing clients are not required to undertake a Maxsum BTA. However existing clients moving to Proactive Managed IT Security require an IT Security Assessment (ITSA) prior to Managed IT Security Service commencement.

A nominal security service only onboarding fee may be applicable for set-up or configuration works required to connect and commence the collection of threat detection telemetry.

Will moving to the new MaxGuard Managed IT Services Agreement incur costs or downtime?

With the move to per-user based pricing, combined with any uplift to your support tier and the addition of Managed IT Security services, your Monthly Services Fee will change. Your Maxsum Account Manager or one of our Sales Leads can assist you to step through what this will look like for your organisation.

After transitioning to the new MaxGuard Managed IT Services Agreement, you will find that more of your support requests are now included under your Monthly Services Fee, so you should expect to experience far less “out-of-scope” billing.

There will be no impact to your technology services or downtime. Once any managed security onboarding works are complete, your new agreement’s support and service coverage and inclusions will seamlessly take effect, and be monitored and reported in via your monthly Account Management and quarterly Strategic Meetings.

Your Maxsum Account Manager will be discussing the new MaxGuard Managed Support and Managed Security service inclusions and your transition timeline over the remainder of 2023 and into 2024. In the meantime, if you’d like a head start, reach out for more information on 1300 629 786 or right here.