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Maxsum to Host Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Explainer

Maxsum to Host Notifiable Data Breach Scheme Explainer

New mandatory data breach reporting requirements come into effect as of February 22, 2018 for Australian businesses under the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.
Do you know what this means for your business? Find out what you need to know…now!

Join us Friday February 16 from 1pm to find out what the new compliance requirements mean for how you collect, store, access and use data in you business, PLUS what you need to do to get Notifiable Data Breach Scheme ready now!

Maxsum is proud to be joined by industry security leader and Maxsum partner Sophos and RobertsonHyetts Solicitors to provide our valued partners, clients and contacts an expert introduction to:

  • The Latest Cyber-Threat Landscape
  • The NDB Scheme Requirements
  • Data Breach Definitions & Mandatory Reporting Processes
  • Managing Data as a Premium Business Asset
  • Disaster Recovery Planning Guidance

According to the latest estimates, nearly half of Australian businesses are underprepared for the introduction of mandatory data breach reporting under the new scheme. Entities must now notify of an eligible data breach and will need to have a response and communication plan in place for dealing with actual and suspected breaches. Penalties for failure to comply with the new requirements will be up to $1.8 million for businesses.

Join Maxsum on Friday February 16 to find out what your business needs to know about the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme.

PLEASE NOTE NEW VENUE: Capital Theatre Banquet Room. 50 View St, Bendigo. Registration opens from 12:45pm for a 1pm start. 

To Register Your Place Now: Reserve Your Spot Online, or contact 1300MAXSUM or [email protected]

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