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Regional Cybersecurity Forums – All the Take-aways!

Why what got you here, won’t get you there

Proudly hosted by Maxsum, WINC and Microsoft.

Read on for all the key takeaways from our recent Regional Cybersecurity Forum sessions. These sessions focused on bringing together regional Vic representatives from the Local Councils and the Education and Training Sector to dispel some of the myths around cybersecurity in these hot-seat sectors. Beset with exceptionally complex compliance requirements under varying sets of privacy and data protection regulations (including NDB, GDPR, VPDSS…), these sectors must now elevate their awareness and mitigate their cyber exposure and risk across both complex infrastructure and the full generational spectrum of their user base.

Maxsum’s Joe Ciancio stepped attendees through the opportunity that fast-paced advances in technology are presenting in their sectors, and how, thanks to an ever-evolving threat landscape, organisations are more exposed to data breach and cyberattack than ever before.

And the stakes are high! The possible fall-out from a cyber incident is massive, both financially and reputationally, especially for local councils and education providers, whose reputations as trusted bastions of the community are pivotal to their mission.

So what does the journey from cyber aware to cyber secure, and eventually cyber mature, look like?

Firstly, organisations across all sectors need to make a fundamental shift in the way they consider and deal with cybersecurity. This will require new partnerships.

Then, organisations will need to consider and employ a suite of best practices and technologies that work together to protect the organisation’s assets both vertically and horizontally within, and well beyond the front door of the organisation.

Cloud and security experts Kenny Singh and Pramiti Bhatnagar from Microsoft, talked more about this move from traditional security to intelligent security, and stepped attendees through the powerful security features baked into the Microsoft 365 offering.

Their demonstrations showcased the Microsoft features built-in for identity and access management, threat protection, information protection and security management across the lifestyle of information, as well as across devices, in the cloud and on-premises. We also heard about the might of the security intelligence powerhouse that backs all Microsoft’s offerings

Attendees were left in no doubt that the time for action is now, and the key to success is multi-partnered, layered approach.

Take a refresher today by downloading the session resources below, as well as Maxsum’s Cybersecurity Assessment Checklist to help you gauge where you are on the path the cyber maturity.

To follow-up on the take-aways from these sessions reach out to Maxsum on 1300 629 786 (1300 MAXSUM) or


Download the Regional Cybersecurity Forum Resources here!

Maxsum Cybersecurity Assessment & Checklist Sept 2018 [PDF]

Top Tips to Prevent Data Breaches by Maxsum [PDF]

OAIC Guide to Data-Breach-Preparation-and-Response [PDF]