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Auto Device Reboot Program

Starting 2023 Maxsum will be implementing an Auto Device Reboot Program across all our clients. What does this mean? As more and more security threats emerge, so too do the patches required to protect your devices and endpoints from attack. However sometimes both scheduled and urgent patches fail to apply as they require...
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Maxsum Launches Managed IT Security Service

Proactive IT Security that strikes beyond the boundaries of managed services alone For 21 years, Managed IT Services provider Maxsum Consulting has been bringing technology change and innovation to the Regional Victoria business sector. In a very important and exciting new release, Maxsum is going beyond the boundaries of what Managed IT Support...
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5 After-Hours Support Need to Knows

Understanding how after-hours support services work and what to expect Ever wondered what happens to your IT systems after you all go home for the day? Ever wondered how and why you come to work the next morning and things are different? Or have you just wondered what you should do if you...
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