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Power Platform + Teams : Better Together


Collect, Filter & Visualise Survey Data Using Power Platform Apps….without ever leaving Microsoft Teams!

Power Platform + Teams : Better Together! 

Have you ever needed to run a survey, collect data live or out in the field, and have staff members or contractors fill out checklists for compliance records?

Of course you have! Whether its running team sentiment surveys, collecting client contact data, running review or rating surveys…at some point or another your organisation needs data!

And whilst pre-COVID there was already a decent move into cloud-based form building services like Google Forms, JotForm or Survey Monkey, the remote-working transition and now the hybrid work era have led savvy IT leaders to ask the questions:

  • We don’t know who, how, when, or where people are setting up data collection forms. How can I better centralise our data collection practices?
  • We have a bunch of different subscriptions to services that are hard to keep track of and add up! How can I collect data from with my existing toolset or ecosystem?
  • Collecting the data is one think, but how can I get it into a format I can securely share and report on without having to sign up to more third-party services?

Reigning in all that sensitive data you’ve collected!

The simple answer to all of these questions and what many Microsoft Office 365 customers don’t already know, is that most of the Microsoft Office 365 license levels also give users access to the Microsoft Power Platform. The Power Platform is a term used to collectively refer to 4 Microsoft Apps:

  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power BI
  • Power Virtual Agents

If you’d like to know more about the Power Platform, you can check out our previous article here. But essentially these 4 apps provide the tools and platforms to link together other key Microsoft Office 365 services including Microsoft Teams, Forms, Lists and more!

Lots of data, One Ecosytem

By gaining a better understanding of what is already available to you in Microsoft Office 365, you will quickly come to see how, in fact, you can use what you may already have access to, for example, to:

  • Collect data from external parties and staff via a link, via email or using a QR code
  • Provide a company app to make it easier for staff working in the field on tablets or phones to enter data
  • Banish the cumbersome process of excel spreadsheet updating forever, and have all your data automatically populate a SharePoint List
  • Use this SharePoint List as a data feed for a Power BI dashboard to visualise live snapshots, reporting or scenario modelling
  • Surface each and every part of this solution through Microsoft Teams, so your staff don’t have to go looking for anything. Power Platform + Teams : Better Together

And best of all, you have not left Microsoft Office 365 for any part of this solution – One ecosystem – One set of security and compliance checks – One monthly or annual licensing fee

Show me how: Power Platform + Teams!

No problem! Here’s what the example solution described above might look like in real life…

The Maxsum Team recently attended the Connecting Up 2022 Conference, which is a annual conference we regularly participate in and support, which provides information technology thought leadership and strategic planning workshops for the Australian Not-for-Profit sector. To demonstrate how this solution might work in practice, we asked conference attendees to answer a few survey questions so that we can demonstrate one use case for Power Platform. Check it out!

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