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Citrix at Maxsum

Two-minute Takeaways from Maxsum’s 2017 Citrix Regional Roadshow

With great excitement Maxsum welcomed Jose Soares from Citrix and Marrdy Ly from Dicker Data to our Bendigo office for Maxsum’s 2017 Citrix Regional Roadshow.

This was a real first for Greater Bendigo, and indeed Regional VIC, and offered a unique opportunity for Citrix to engage directly with its current customers and prospective interests in Regional Vic.

The group sessions were designed to be small in number so that guests had the opportunity to hear about how Citrix today is expertly positioned to support businesses upgrading their digital initiatives in the cloud, security and digital workplace spaces.

It is not often we get the opportunity to have a major market leader come to engage with us so deeply on home turf with tailored content. The 2017 Citrix Regional Roadshow represented the perfect opportunity for businesses in the Greater Bendigo area and beyond to “get a seat at the table” and for IT managers and decision makers to build their knowledge on, and perhaps break down some their preconceptions about, Citrix offerings.

The changing nature of the business world

After Maxsum MD Joe Ciancio welcomed our guests for the day, Citrix cloud specialist Jose Soares set the scene for the day’s event by explaining that our business world today is vastly different from what it was 10, 5 or even 2 years ago.

He explained that this change has been driven by many factors including:

– Multinational corporations gaining access and traction in local markets

– The increased use of streaming services (think Netflix) and how this has changed user expectations for service availability

– The reduction in physical office space due to cost and changing mobility-based work styles.

To reinforce the scale of change, Jose explained that since 2000, 52% of businesses have either gone bankrupt, ceased to exist, or have been acquired.

What has changed within businesses and the way they work?

Ten years ago, when employees arrived at work, they started their day by logging onto their own PC. This practise then gave way to work becoming browser based, driven by Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) and then more web-based applications, setting the scene for the current move into a cloud-first world where the PC is no longer the centre. But even in a cloud-first world, businesses are today struggling to manage the “cloud sprawl” – their reliance on several, even many, individual cloud-based apps or services, each requiring their own unique set of user credentials, and constant switching back and forth between services to achieve work tasks.

Jose explained that this disaggregation of PC-based resources to the cloud has:

  • Generated a productivity gap where users have limited access to fragmented data silos;
  • Driven user demand for a single-plane-of-glass view to access all data.
  • Caused IT itself to undergo a cloud transformation to address security, interoperability, legacy system and user experience issues.

About Citrix Secure Digital Workspace

The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace has been designed address these user needs in the cloud-first workplace of today and the future

Where users want:

  • A unified experience bringing together web, SAAS, and native applications
  • A BYO identity
  • A Single sign-on

And where IT managers want:

  • Unified endpoint management
  • App ops
  • Content control

With both sides demanding robust security and agile performance analytics.

What does the Secure Digital Workspace actually look like in action?

A full desktop experience anywhere, anytime from any device – as demonstrated by Marrdy Ly from Dicker Data using a Samsung Galaxy 8 and a docking station, who demonstrated how these two devices are now equipped to give users access to a full unified desktop experience on the go.

These discussions and demos then led into both technical and business-driven discussion and Q&A sessions with our guests and facilitators. It was great to hear about some ways that local businesses are taking their workforce cloud-first and mobile, and for those not at that point as yet, the Citrix presentations certainly gave attendees more concrete insight into what going cloud-first actually means, both business side and IT side.

The Citrix Regional Roadshow was an initiative organised by Maxsum and proudly supported by Citrix and Dicker Data. Maxsum is committed to building engagement between business and IT, especially at the strategic level, in an effort to #buildtheecosystem – for ourselves, our partners, our clients and our communities.

To find out more about how Maxsum and Citrix can support your business to become and remain cloud-first, contact us today at or Call 1300MAXSUM

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